Product Specification :: Acetyl / Bromide
SynonymsEthanoyl bromide Acetic acid Bromide
Cas No. 506-96-7
Molecular Structure CH3COBR
Molecular Weight 122.95
Appearance - VisualClear to Yellow Liquid
Assay. Gc. W+%980% Min.
Moisture0.1% Max
Mecting Point -96 °C
Boiling Point 75-80 °C
Specific Gravity at 20° C1.66 to 1.67
Solublity in water Decomposer
Hazaro class8 ( Packing Group :2)
UN No 1716
Packing 7.5 Kg/ Per HDPE Carboys
Ethanoyl bromide Acetic acid Bromide Acetyl / Bromide, Manufacturer